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you can find my updated bios, interests, and whatever else at
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nia ☆ 20 ☆ plurr ☆ second to none since 2001

nothing suspiciours here

hi again! my name is nia! 21 y/o trans girl. i like cats and my fiance also!if i'm not working, i am usually playing games or makin shit! i am very into games that are bad! fuck you! check out my interests page n see da video gamez. go study your gamer girl lore
i am not All That Good with any one hobby because i don't place my focus anywhere, but i have a lot of fun with; digital artwork, graphic design, music composition, writing fiction

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interests. oh god oh christ

my "main" interest changes literally every week and as a result i really struggle to have one Big Interest that i focus on!! i am very in love with a million different games and content creators and musical artists. i am so sorry.top of the list means that something is a big interest, and i play/listen/watch often!

🌺 multiplayer 🌺

  • tower unite

  • apex legends

  • smash bros.

  • tf2

  • vrchat

  • lethal league

  • puyo puyo tetris

  • gmod

  • minecraft

  • guilty gear

  • elite: dangerous

🌺 games 🌺

  • half-life

  • hellsinker

  • tabletop nonsense

  • undertale

  • sonic the hedgehog

  • night in the woods

  • neon white

  • danganronpa

  • OFF

  • pokemon

  • touhou

🌺 musicians 🌺

  • halley labs

  • will wood

  • regina spektor

  • neil cicierega

  • machine girl


  • goosworx

  • jane reynolds

🌺 others !!! 🌺

  • toki pona


  • bittersweet candybowl

  • homestuck

  • jerma

  • madoka magica

  • azumanga daioh

  • snapcube

  • vocaloid

  • probably more

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gang gang

this version is hella out of date. new versions on PC via neocities, as is the case with literally everything else in the carrd. muah


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my fucking Socials ?


mutuals/pals can add me on discord! i would love to hang with yall, please reach out n ask for it! <3otherwise i am @yknowlikenia on everything! come play vidweo game with me i wanna smack youif you want to add/find me in specific games, you can find my info in the interests page!

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this is being left up for historial documentation

also because i think it's funny.

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ape gex legends

i played apex lightly at launch (who didnt) and got really into it around season 4! i don't play it as avidly as i used to, but i have a lot of fun with it. all the characters have a very special place in my hearti haven't updated this since season 8 or something?????
anyway you can add me on my steam account here!

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two worms unite (romantically)


tower unite is a super big comfort for me even if i don't play it too often! it's definitely one of my favorite games to chill w friends in. i'll beat u at ball race or your money back, punkclick each screenshot to view! (big wips)
you can add me on my steam account here!

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